Go Beyond…

Go Beyond

Beyond… When I first sensed this was my word for the year I thought it was quite a curious word and was not at all sure how it might apply to my life.  Last year, the word “abide” instantly resonated with me and though I never fully comprehend the fullness of what God speaks into … [Read the Rest…]

Family – Who Are We?

All The Gang

Since I just jumped into blogging, mainly as a way to force myself to write on a regular basis, I did not consider all the aspects of the craft.  One aspect being people like to know who is behind the computer.  (I started to say typewriter, that gives you at least one small clue about … [Read the Rest…]

Chocolate Valentine Kiss Recipe

Funnel 2

The Tupperware funnel is perfectly shaped to make a Valentine chocolate “Kiss”. Honestly, I have never tried this recipe. However, this year I may attempt to engage my children in this activity. Ingredients: 12 oz. chocolate chips, melted 3 Tbs. butter, soften or melted 1 miniature marshmallow Cooking Spray, such as Pam Aluminum foil Strip … [Read the Rest…]