1. Fantastic post!! Isn’t it wonderful when a light comes on to help us move past a dreaded task!! I love getting the kids involved. I think our next step will be those individual tags when each older child is responsible for their own dirty laundry. We are rapidly hitting that phase with our oldest where he must learn to function outside our home!
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  2. These are great suggestions, Machelle! I love how you looked for helpful solutions and adapted them as needs changed. This is a great example of being proactive and thinking outside the box (or perhaps hamper! ha!). I love this and am grateful that you’ve linked up at Wedded Wed. I’m not sure that I’ve visited your blog before either, so welcome and nice to meet you!

  3. I’m from a big family, too (I have 6 siblings). So, with 9 people in a small apartment in the tropics, we couldn’t even let laundry sit around or it would mold. So I grew up doing 1-2 loads of laundry every day, and yes, it was the kids’ job! That’s a good way to teach responsbility!
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    • Rachel, thanks for sharing your story. We just went from 10 people down to 9 and then down to 7, in our household. It will go back up to 8 when one comes home from college in the summer. I used to do 3-4 loads/day. Now I do about 2-3 loads/week because everyone else is doing their own : )
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  4. Oh yeah! You figured out a method that works!

    I do a laundry basket upstairs that once full goes to the basement for sorting into other baskets. As each basket fills it is washed.

    Clothes are folded for the owners to put away.

    So much easier than me doing all the work. even the lad can sort the clothes out, and put them away himself. Soon he’ll be washing select loads as well. 🙂
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  5. Great post! Laundry has never been the biggest challenge in our household (I would say taming clutter throughout the house gets that honor) but I know the frustration of forgetting to move the wash into the dryer or neglecting to get the laundry done so that someone was scrambling to find “sort of clean” clothes! Ack! My kids have had the job of folding and putting away since they were quite young and they are completely in charge of their own laundry from the time they turn 12. That has helped us so much.

    Visiting from Christian Fellowship Friday – have a great week!
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